About the Log In Page

The iPaaS login page allows all users to log into their PeopleFluent applications by entering their PeopleFluent credentials only once for all applications. The system administrator provides users with a username and password to log into their PeopleFluent applications. The username also includes the customer key or domain. For example, username@customerkey or username@domain.

Figure: PeopleFluent iPaaS Login Format

The authentication process is different for users who log into iPaaS using the PeopleFluent identity provider (IdP) versus users who login to iPaaS using their network credentials.

Log into iPaaS Using the PeopleFluent Identity Provider (IdP)

If an organization uses the PeopleFluent IdP, the login and user authentication is a two-step process.

To log into iPaaS

  1. Enter your username and click Next.
  2. Enter your Password and then click Log In.

Using Network Credentials to Log into iPaaS

If an organization allows automatic single-sign-on to their PeopleFluent applications with a user's company network credentials, the user does not need to manually log into login.peoplefluent.com. Users can use the hyperlink provided they were provided. Users should contact their System Administrator with any questions.

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